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My Cakes
  1. Birthday cake
    Birthday cake
  2. Reunion cake
    Reunion cake
  3. Fall Flame cake
    Fall Flame cake
  4. 50th Birthday cake
    50th Birthday cake
  5. Valentines day cake
    Valentines day cake
  6. Hello Kitty cake
    Hello Kitty cake
  7. Birthday cake
    Birthday cake
  8. Baptism cake
    Baptism cake
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  3. Birthday Cupcakes
  4. Original ideas
About Obsessive Entertainment and Edibles
Since 1994, Obsessive Entertainment has been the best kept secret in party promotion. We produced some of the most interesting parties, bus trips and social gatherings. As time passed, we branched out into cake design....

My Cakes
  1. Under the Sea cake
    Under the Sea cake
  2. Chocolate Mirror cake
    Chocolate Mirror cake
  3. Purse cake
    Purse cake
  4. Pink raspberry chocolate cake
    Pink raspberry chocolate cake
  5. Cheetah cake
    Cheetah cake
  6. Boo cake
    Boo cake
  7. Easter Egg cake
    Easter Egg cake
  8. Assassin Birthday cake
    Assassin Birthday cake
  9. Rose cake
    Rose cake
  10. Rose cake
    Rose cake
  11. Christmas cake
    Christmas cake
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Customers Say
  1. Oluseye
    Thank you for this cake Frat. everybody thought it was amazing.
  2. Marie J.
    Marie J.
    This was perfect as usual I will be sure to tell my friends.
  3. Millie  D.
    Millie D.
    When I asked for a ghost, I thought it would be a drawing on a cake. I didn't think you were going to give me a 3D ghost.. great!
  4. Ms. Lyles
    Ms. Lyles
    Very good work, the cake was wonderful. The children loved it!
  5. Crystal
    This was great, thank you very much
  1. Crystal
    This was great, thank you very much.
  2. Cista Girls Environmental group
    Cista Girls Environmental group
    This was so amazing! Thank You.
  3. Marie
    Thanks the cake was delicious and the kids loved it thanks again